Cops warn on new modus of rapists on the loose

SAN NICOLAS, Ilocos Norte – Police authorities have issued a warning on the new modus operandi of suspected rapists victimizing young girls in the province.

The lawmen said Babylyn (not her real name) was nearly victimized lately. She narrated that a motorcyle-riding male stranger asked for her mother’s whereabouts telling that her mom has a balikbayan box for delivery. She advised the girl to go with him to receive the box. The suspect failed to convince the girl when her friends intervened and stopped her.

PO1 Eunice Bulong, women desk investigator, said that another incident with the same modus was reported earlier in their police station. She said that a 15-year-old girl was victimized.

The lady cop disclosed that the teener was tricked and taken by a stranger. Later, the victim was found abandoned in an uninhabited area in the nearby town of Sarrat.

Police authorities said that similar incidents have also been reported recently in the towns of Vintar, Burgos, Pasuquin and Bacarra. (tsg)