Complete Schedule of Apo President Ferdinand E. Marcos 95th Birth Anniversary Celebration

September 8              

Marcos Combat Shooters Fest

-A highly-anticipated practical shooting competition to be participated by amateur and professional shooters.

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Plaza Del Norte, Paoay


BPATs District 2 Oath Taking

-Oath taking and distribution of equipment like vests, flashlights and batons to 5,000 Barangay Police and Tanod under District ll.

6:30 PM – 7:00 PM


Da Real Macoy Concert

-A retro concert to be filled with ‘70’s induced nostalgia by the band DRAYBERS which will surely mesmerize the crowd. To add fun and excitement, 1, 300 mobs from different schools will hit the heart of the city of Batac to entertain the public and highlight the atmosphere.

7:00 PM – 12:00 MN

Imelda Cultural Center, Batac City



League of Municipalities – IlocosNorte

Hip Hop and Pinoy Ballroom

Ethel Booba

Keanna Reeves/Beverly Salviejo


Flash Mob


September 9              

Thanksgiving Mass

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Sta. Monica Church, Sarrat


BPATs District 1 Oath Taking

Awarding of Titles (Task Force Titulo)

-Induction of the 5, 000 newly selected BPATs from District 1 and distribution of land titles as embodied by the project of the province, ‘Task Force TituloANatalged.’

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Community Center, Sarrat

September 10 Macoy Literary and Art Contest

-Bannering the theme “Da Real Macoy,” simultaneous events aim to instil among the province’s youth   who the real Macoy is and to expose their creativity and artistic personality.

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Centennial Arena, Laoag City




Macoy Quiz Bee (9AM)

Poster Making (9AM)

Extemporaneous Speech (9AM)

Film Showing (11AM)



Storytelling (1PM)

Charcoal Rendering (1PM)

Little Ferdie& Imelda Singing Duet (2:30PM)

Awarding Ceremonies (4PM)



September 11

This day commemorates the 95th Birthday of the province’s favorite son, former president Ferdinand E. Marcos.


Thanksgiving Mass

09:30 AM

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Batac City


Wreath Laying

-A formal and ritual ceremony by laying flowers at the memorial site of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos to bespeak respect and remembrance of his name.

10:30 AM

FEM Mausoleum, Batac City


Sponsored IlocosNorte Tour

-Visitors of the province will have the opportunity to discover the aesthetic culture andwell-known tourist spots in IlocosNorte.

12:00 PM

Point of Embarkation: Laoag City, IlocosNorte


Book Launch

-An official day to drum up excitement and to announce to the public the release of the new books of the province. This will also be an opportunity to thank and recognize the people behind the successful production of these editorial works.

“Patronage of the Arts during the Marcos Era”


“Up North”

5:30 PM

Malacañan of the North, Paoay

Opening and Reception of Malacañan Museum Exhibit

To conserve the cultural artifactsand historical importance of the Malacañan of the North, it will be officially opened to the public as the Malacañan Museum through an exhibit. Samiweng Singers of the IlocosNorte National High School (INNHS) who bagged the Gold medal during the 7th World Choir Games will highlight the grand opening of the museum.

6:00 PM

Malacanan of the North, Paoay


You may inquire all the details regarding the four-day event from Miss Elaine Lubguban at:


  •  (077)772-1211 local 143
  • +63 9 173215054