Church desecrated

PASUQUIN, Ilocos Norte, Oct. 26– Unknown intruders desecrated Saturday dawn several religious items inside the St. James The Greater Parish Church here but police were puzzled in their investigation why no valuable was found stolen, report said.

Deputy police chief Jaylord Sibaluca said the intruders destroyed the century-old tabernacle at the altar, a piano at the choir section and other holy items, some of which were scattered on the floor.

The eucharistic cup Chalice was found abandoned in a small coconut tree branch, 50 meters away from the church building.

After vandalizing the sacred articles, the suspects left the place with no stolen church items, initial police report said.

The tabernacle is a “receptacle for the consecrated elements of the Holy Eucharist”, hence, this religious item is highly regarded by the Church as full of sanctity.

“The way we looked at it, the incident was an act of desecration. The suspects have no respect for the place of worship, the house of God. We strongly condemn this wrongdoing,” many Catholic parishioners said.
Investigation showed that the suspects forcibly entered the church at dawn by destroying a steel window of the chapel using a saw and a steel scissor.
Father Jojo Alnas, parish priest, said he was unsure if there were people who disliked some of his past sermons pertaining to Christian way of life.
“It was the work of a devil”, Father Jojo said referring to the desecration. “If they will ask for forgiveness, for sure God will forgive them. However, justice must be done so that mercy has its real meaning,” he said. .(theo s. guiang/dd/bbr)