Chairman Fagarang slain

BADOC, Ilocos Norte, Oct. 17– Ambrosio Fagarang, 60, barangay captain of Madupayas,this town was killed by hooded gunmen riding in tandem at nearby Brgy. Alogoog this morning, lawmen said.

Initial investigation showed that at about 7:00 a.m. the victim, aboard his kurong-kurong (improvised motorcycle), brought  his kids to the school.

He later drove to nearby Brgy. Alogoog to visit a friend. While there, the assailants fired at him hitting his back using a caliber .45 pistol.

Rescuers rushed him to the hospital where he expired due to severe gunshot wounds.

S/I Joseph Tayaban, police chief, told reporters that the victim had received a death threat that warned he (Fagarang) would be the next target after Brgy. Chairman SesinandoTorralba of Alogoog was killed last July.(tsg)