Carabao gores master to death

BADOC, Ilocos Norte, Aug. 3—Perfecto Africano, farmer, was gored to death by his male carabao who went wild as he tried to herd it for bathing into a river at Brgy. Madupayas, this town yesterday afternoon.

Relatives said that the victim was found floating on the river by a barangay tanod after the beast gored Africano.

His body bore severe head and leg injuries. His son recalled that the carabao attacked again his father in the past but luckily, he eluded it.

Police ruled out foul play in the victim’s death.

Africano owned the carabao for 10 years. Because of the incident, his son said he would sell out the beast, the proceeds would be used for his dad’s funeral and burial.(tsg)