SOLSONA, Ilocos Norte, June 6–Villagers in Brgy. Darasdas, this town panicked when an adult male carabao went berserk and tried to harm people who crossed his path. When the able-bodied men in the neighborhood including the farmer-owner could no longer harness and control the carabao, a lawman came to the succor and fatally shot the ferocious animal. 

A provincial veterinary team under Dr. Loida Valenzuela rushed to the scene. They cut off the beast head for laboratory examination while the barangay folks were advised not to partake and eat the meat for fear that the animal might have been bitten by a rabid dog.

However, the lab text result later showed that the carabao had a brain tumor that probably caused the animal to go wild and ferocious. Under the supervision of the PVET team, the animal carcass was buried in the rice field six feet under the ground.(bbr)