Aglipayans sad over the demise of Rev. Father Tante Balbas

PASUQUIN, Ilocos Norte–The Faithful of the Philippine Independent Church (Aglipayan Church) experienced deep sorrow over the untimely demise of their beloved priest Rev. Father Tante Balbas.

Many Aglipayan women devotees broke in tears when they heard news reports that Father Tante met a tragic death from assassin’s bullets.

The PIC clergies were also shocked in disbelief by the killing of Father Balbas, whom they described as dedicated, helpful and friendly.

Father Tante’s death is an irreparable loss of the church, they said noting that his good deeds will always linger in their memories.

Police report said Father Balbas, 45, married and a friend identified as businessman Joel Alapit, 38, were finished jogging when two gunmen riding in tandem attacked them in Brgy. Sulvec, this town.

Balbas suffered fatal gunshot wound in the abdomen while Alapit sustained minor bullet wound in the knee.(tsg w/ da, ga reports)