ABC officers quit en masse

BACARRA, Ilocos Norte March 13–The incumbent elected officers of the Federated Association of Barangay Captains in this town went on mass resignation through a joint signed resignation letter submitted to Municipal Mayor Nicomedes de la Cruz during a special meeting held on Wednesday, March 11 at the town hall here.

The mayor told the media this afternoon that all ABC officers from the president down to the members of board of directors had resigned saying that majority wanted to reorganize the officers due to some negative allegations against their incumbent president.

Of the 41 members present, 30 signed the joint resignation letter and 11 abstained, he said. The mayor declined to elaborate in details the allegations but he merely said that majority claimed that they had allegedly lost “trust and confidence” on their president.

When interviewed earlier by reporters, ABC president Manuel Dumayag expressed hurt feeling noting that some colleagues plotted the mass resignation move.(tsg w/ rj, ga, jg reports)