A weird story about Julie retold

LAOAG CITY, Oct. 31–Somewhere in Tagipuro islet near Brgy. Cavit this city, a group of fisherfolks found a skeletal remains of an unknown woman in March 2006.

On the same month, police were also looking for the whereabouts of a missing woman named Mrs. Julie Domingo of Brgy. Cavit. Believing that the skeletal remains were that of Julie, relatives took home the corpse and gave a decent burial after a 9-day wake.

One morning after several months, “dead Julie” surprised everybody when she “resurrected” and appeared not a ghost but a very alive and kicking person. She just arrived home fresh from the Visayas to rejoin her family.

Her big mistake, Julie did not tell anyone that she went for a very long vacation to her remote hometown in the Visayas where communication was impossible. So every yearly observance of All Saints Day, Julie has a weird story to tell.

To date, relatives said Julie’s tomb is still intact at the cemetery complete with her engraved name. She could not help but only smile because she knew the skeletal remains inside that tomb were not hers. Report gave no details if the Local Civil Registry Office had scrapped Julie Domingo’s name from the obituary record.(theo s. guiang w/ report from bombo)