10521859_10205516045559082_8617244311921981949_nI am ALAIN REY G. BARROGA of BRGY, 55 PANDAN, LAOAG CITY, PHILIPPINES, with cellphone number 09174874229
This is a very difficult letter for me to write and many avenues seem to have been closed to me so I hope you can take time to read my story. I am a young married man and have one child living with a very sick dad (that’s me). I am in dire need of your financial support due to the grave situation in life having a disease called dystonia for 4 years now. I can’t eat by mouth but by tube. I can’t even talk, there is a lot of involuntary muscles movement going on in my body and there is severe pain in my shoulder and neck. I can’t walk straight and  I easily stumble.
The youngest of the 6 siblings in the family, I don’t have a job or other source of income to support my family, most especially my medical needs.
In view of my dilemna, I appeal to you all my friends and all good Samaritans to please extend your generosity to help me in my financial distress. I hope for the best as my dream in life is to live with my family for more long years.
I will be needing Two (2) million pesos for my operation here in the Philippines. It would be fulfilling and greatness in the heart if you could contribute, isn’t it? The operation is called DBS or Deep Brain Stimulation and it should be done now while I am still young.
This kind of disease adversely affects families as it tears them apart little by little because it takes a lot of money for medicine with no assurance of curing it. I almost lost my family because of this but thankfully I have a loving family but this has no assurance when will it last. I love my family a lot..
Please use the bank account of my wife GERALDINE BARROGA, BPI account number 0599 0458 99 for your kind donation
Thanks a lot for your time.