6 high school girls “possessed by spirit”?

BACARRA, Ilocos Norte, Aug. 10–Six female students of the Bacarra National Comprehensive High School in this town were believed “possessed by spirit,” report said.

Witnesses said they saw this morning one of the girls turned wild and unruly inside the school room. The girl was crying and screaming loud as school authorities attended to her.

One male teacher described the girl as super strong saying in Ilocano dialect “napigsa ta nasaniban ti espiritu daytoy ubbing (this girl is super strong as she’s possessed by spirit).

Responding nuns and teachers held a bible and said prayers for her until the victim gradually fell unconscious.

The teachers said the victim’s other fellow students were earlier reported possessed by spirit last week. This prompted them to hold a holy mass inside the campus this morning.

Shortly after the mass, one of the victims collapsed again. “Kasla kumilaw ti matana idi agmulagat bayat a nagsubli ti pootna,” another witness said.

When interviewed by reporters, one of the victims said that prior to the incident, weird images of a man and woman in white dress appeared before her in several instances.

Report said the site of the school was believed to be a former cemetery. Town elders theorized that the spirit of those interred in this burial ground were “disturbed” by the ongoing construction project near the site.(tsg w/ dd, ga report)