Tañada: “New CJ perfect poster girl for recruitment”

As Deputy Speaker Erin Tañada urged the newly appointed Chief Justice Sereno to expedite the filling up of court vacancies, he likewise said that CJ Serano is the perfect poster girl to inspire young lawyers to join the judiciary.
“I think she will inspire many qualified members of the Bar to transfer to the Bench.  This is the kind of migration of talent we would like to see.  We all know that we can only ease and eliminate the backlog of cases by addressing the shortage of judges and other court personnel,” Tañada said.
He added, “Although the hiring of judges is a function of the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) and the executive, the beefing up of the ranks of court personnel – researchers, interpreters and other critical frontline workers – is a prerogative of the judiciary.  On this matter, budgetary support has been assured by the DBM, the CJ can tap into this huge reservoir of goodwill in boosting the number and quality of judiciary workforce.”