Tablet Technology Makes Surveys Very Affordable for Local Elections

“As a campaign strategist, tablet survey technology has enabled me to design and implement campaigns at the local level at par with or even better than some national campaigns.    Imagine a mayoralty or congressional candidate or the campaign manager reaping the full benefits of statistical analysis.  We can cross reference survey data along, demographic, psychographic, and geographic variables in an automated, simple and affordable way.  In the final analysis, campaigns we design will have more fine tuned strategies aligned with very cost effective resources. ”

This was the statement made by Eero Brillantes, President and CEO of Brillantes Campaigns, a public relations and political strategist.

According to Brillantes,  the breakthrough technology has far reaching effects for political candidates.

“The technology will definitely democratize election surveys.  Through the combination of tablet technology and cloud computing, we have made data gathering and analysis automated, simpler and in real time. Our technology has made surveys within reach of  local candidates.  We have made surveys affordable because data gathering goes straight to statistical analysis.  No more paper tabulations. No more manual encoding through an army of encoders.   No more huge printing costs.  We use less enumerators and do the surveys in less time than conventional surveys.  Results can be seen immediately through a single PC or laptop.  All of these have brought the costs of surveys down to very affordable levels”.

The tablet based survey tool is a collaboration between sister companies, Technomedia  Asia Co. and Brillantes Campaigns.   It has three main features.  These are the tablet survey application, cloud technology for real time data transmission, and statistical software.  The system can support questions done in several dialects.  Questions can even be redesigned quickly and uploaded immediately to the tablets  already in the field.

Brillantes Campaigns has several ongoing electoral projects using the technology and encourages more candidates to avail of the service.

“We have election projects in different regions for mayoralty and congressional positions using tablet technology as our survey tool.   We are very excited about the service.   Our survey system will let many candidates, especially those running for local positions, to make election surveys integral to campaign planning and tracking. With this technology, we can reach and serve more candidates with quality campaign planning and implementation.”, Brillantes said.   xxx