Sun Cellular leads Prepaid Market with best Year-on-Year Performance

Sun Cellular leads the market having posted the industry’s highest growth in the mobile prepaid segment for the first half of the year  with a 15% increase versus the same period last year. Sun Cellular officials attribute the growth to its expanding network reach, best-value products, and added features to its unlimited load variants and SIM cards.

Sun earlier reported a 17% increase in over-all net service revenues for the first half of 2012.

“We are thrilled that our customers continue to patronize our best value prepaid line of products and services. We continue to enhance our product offerings such as adding 100 texts to all networks to our very popular Php25 1-day Call and Text Unlimited.” said Joel Lumanlan, Sun Cellular’s Vice President for Prepaid Business. “Responsive to the needs of our customers, we came up with new load variants such as the TextALL Plus 25 which gives our subscribers not only texts to all networks but also 60 minutes of Sun calls and 30 minutes of mobile internet. Products such as these have proven to be quite popular with old and new customers alike.” He added.

Lumanlan further shared, “We have also observed that aside from the increasing demand for our best value daily unlimited and bucket products, more and more subscribers are using our  prepaid loads with longer validity as they offer not only greater value for money but also convenience and security. Topping up with load good for a month, for example, gives our subscribers the benefits of unlimited or bucket services at a lower effective price per day, and the convenience of longer validity,”

Sun recently launched two new Call & Text Combo variants – the Call and Text Combo 50 and Call and Text Combo 150 – which give subscribers more calls and texts within the Sun network, texts to other networks, plus longer validity of 5 and 15 days, respectively.  It also introduced a new Text Unlimited load – the Text Unlimited 60 – which offers unlimited Sun texts and an hour of Sun calls all valid for 7 days.  Currently, Sun also offers Unlimited Text 300 which gives subscribers unlimited Sun texts, texts to other networks, and calls to Sun, Smart, and Talk N Text valid for 30 days.

Lumanlan said that the launch of new prepaid SIMs and the enhanced features of the existing ones helped Sun acquire new subscribers from different demographic and social groups.  “We put extra effort in better understanding our subscribers so that we can offer them the best value products that suit their needs, budgets and preferences.” he concluded.