Senators Grace Poe and Francis “Chiz” Escudero, who are top picks in various voter preference surveys for president and vice president, respectively, said they are ready for the people to hear their platform of government anchored on poverty alleviation and genuine inclusive growth.

“Even when we were still contemplating running as president and vice president, our purpose was clear.  Ours will be a deliberate leadership that will not be distracted by petty politics,” Poe said.

Poe said that for her and Escudero, the filing of their certificates of candidacy with the Commission on Elections (Comelec) would just be the start of a process “geared toward realizing the real purpose of leading the country to effectively face the challenges of the future.”

Poe and Escudero are set to file their certificates of candidacy at the Comelec later in the afternoon.

Escudero, for his part, emphasized that their partnership was not an “agreement that just came out of the blue.”

“It was a well thought-out decision. And included in that process was also a platform of government that we know would be able to respond to the needs and demands of the Filipino people not only for the six-year term, but beyond,” Escudero said. “That is the essence of ‘gobyernong may puso’ or GP.”

He said Poe’s poise and sense of resolve has been unshakable despite an ongoing challenge at the Senate Electoral Tribunal about her qualifications to sit as senator and run for president in 2016.  Escudero said Poe continues to exude confidence, allowing her legal team to deal with the matter rather than ranting about it in media.

“This only goes to show the solid sense of purpose of our tandem,” Escudero explained.

And given that focus, Poe maintained that she and Escudero would be able “to hit the ground running once elected in 2016.”

“We know that we have enormous work ahead of us so we can’t be distracted by petty politics or the  dirty tactics that others use against us,” Poe said. #