On the filing of tax-evasion charges against the Corona couple

This  is not  the persecution of a former Chief Justice but the prosecution of an alleged tax evader.

Those who see politics in this move are probably blind to the truth that the BIR has been filing tax evasion cases    –  without fanfare, fear or favor  –  against  individuals regardless  of their stature in society

It is against this backdrop that the BIR’s move to charge  the Coronas for their alleged failure to comply with one of the most basic duties of citizenship  –  the payment of taxes  –  must  be
appreciated .

The big picture here is too is that to teach  our young ,  treat our
sick, build our roads,  irrigate our farms, arm our police and  meet our many  other needs ,  our  government must collect  P4.3 billion in taxes a day.

A  job  made  harder  by some estimates that the  equivalent of three percent of our GDP  – P300 billion – is lost to tax evasion yearly

In this case, the BIR must be commended, not condemned for doing its job.

We should remember that the government  can only conquer its budget deficit  when  the BIR starts conquering its own deficit of  will and resolve in  running after  the high and  the mighty.

Lastly, the filing of charges should give the Coronas the opportunity to air their side, and even clear their names , if abuse has been done to them.