North Luzon Lutong Bahay takes center stage at Buhay Carinderia

A worthy project aimed at raising the bar of of our very own affordable home cooked Filipino specialties otherwise called LUTONG BAHAY has chosen to feature the cuisine of the North .. From PANGASINAN to ILOCOS NORTE and ILOCOS SUR to APAYAO and the MOUNTAIN PROVINCE to TUGUEGARAO and QUIRINO.

Buhay Carinderia…Redefined! is an advocacy that is conceived and owned by MaryLindbert International that started in 2011, now on its eight year. It is one of the most attended and boasts of the largest gathering of foodies, Carinderia owners, cooks, chefs, suppliers, students and tourists in the country.

Taking inspiration from Unesco where food is considered an intangible cultural heritage, BUHAY CARINDERIA chose to go to the Big North where a number of places and destinations are cultural heritage sites. Vigan, Sta. Maria Church, Sarrat, Hundred Islands to name a few. This is in keeping with trhe heritage theme of Buhay Carinderia.

The 2018 edition offers seminars and fora on making our countrymen more aware that Carinderia means home cooked food or LUTONG BAHAY. So it is not quite accurate to call it street food.

CARINDERIAS will be taught various techniques on improvement, food presentation, new culinary techniques, food portioning and proper storage, hygiene and sanitation, financial planning, use of local indigenous products as ingredients.

It promotes LUTONG BAHAY and other home cooked specialities of each province which eventually will encourage cross visits…. Promote interests of domestic tourism, sell the produce and specialities of the province which leads to a livelihood program.

Part of the advocacy are four exciting contests. The pre qualifiying sessions of these contests happens June 4-5 at MelSol Hotel, Bantay, Ilocos Sur.

The best longanisa, pansit, adobo and sinigang is one category that is anticipated to be most contested.

As well as the best cook category where there is a seies of cook offs to determine the best of the best per region.

The advocacy has two contests for the young, one is mentoring the students where local culinary experts will share their talents and interact with the students so they could pass on their skills and experiences.

The other is the search for the Philippine tourism millenial ambassador who will be tasked to promote and enlighten everyone of his province multicultural food history.


Based on what we have seen so far, with the support of the local government various Private enterprises, tourism promotions board and every home, every town, every city’s ongoing appetite for celebrating roots, the future is bound to be just as delicious.

Candidates from Regions I, II and CAR for Buhay Carinderia…Redefined Search for Philippine Millennial Ambassador Female category.
Candidates from Regions I, II and CAR for Buhay Carinderia…Redefined Vigan City Leg Search for Philippine Tourism Millennial Ambassador Male category
Cooking Demo of Chef Luigi Muhlach during Buhay Carinderia…Redefined Vigan City Leg. With him is Chef Isaac Bravo also from LUMU House Beer And Filipino Kitchen.
Binagoongang Tomahawk Bagnet by Chef Luigi Muhlach during his Cooking demo in Buhay Carinderia…Redefine pre-qualifying event Vigan City Leg.
Mr. Jonathan Pauig Vice President and Operations Head of Marylindbert International, Inc. talks about the Buhay Carinderia…Redefined advocacies.
Buhay Carinderia…Redefined parade with Search for Philippine Tourism Millenial Ambassador candidates.
Chef Xavier Mercado of Halo-halo de Iloco showcased his best Sinigang during Buhay Carinderia…Redefined contest Search for Best Food for Vigan City Leg.
Cooks from different Carinderias of the north compete during the pre-qualifying event of Buhay Carinderia…Redefined Chefs’ and Cooks’ Cook-off with panel of judges.