La Union vows to top SOLID NORTH votes for Sen. Marcos

BBM 2016 Logo_Horizontal_Without OutlineVice presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr.’s campaign to unify the whole country starting from the so-called Solid North got a another big boost as La Union vowed to deliver to him the most number of votes in the May 2016 elections. 

On the third day of his “Unity Caravan,” Marcos hit La Union with the whole ruling Ortega clan, who has dominated politics in the province for over a century, accompanying him when he went on a motorcade. 

Like the opposing political clans of Abra who are uniting for his candidacy, Mario Ortega, who is running for governor, said the whole Ortega family, who are running against each other in several posts in the coming elections, will support Marcos’ vice presidential bid. 

“You can see that here leaders from different sides of the political fence come together to support Bongbong. We will deliver the most votes in the Solid North. But don’t just take my word for it, ask people around and you will see that it’s true,” Ortega said. 

The Ortegas are members of the ruling Liberal Party but for the vice presidency, they said they were supporting the independent Marcos. “We are mostly part of LP but all of us are for Marcos,” San Fernando Mayor Pablo Ortega was quoted as saying. 

In the municipality of Naguillan, where Marcos stopped by at the town hall, a huge crowd awaited Sen. Marcos that Mayor Reynaldo Flores joked: “Senator they were waiting for you to arrive for over an hour. I think there were around a million people here but some had returned home for lunch.” 

From the time he arrived in the province shortly before noon, people massed in the streets unmindful of the heat of the sun and until dark set in to wave back and  cheer as the motorcade passes by. In all these places Marcos called for national unity as key to a more progressive future for the country. 

Marcos said he is grateful for the people of La Union who have always been very supportive of him. He recalled that when he ran for senator in 2010 his sister, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos and La Union Governor Manuel Ortega had a friendly wager as to which province can deliver the most votes. 

“Until now the issue has not been settled yet because Gov. Imee contends that Ilocos Norte did deliver the most number of votes but your governor says that in terms of percentage La Union did better,” Marcos told residents of the province. 

Marcos said the issue may finally be settled after the May 2016 elections.###