Filipino inventors positive for DOST’s continued support

The Filipino Inventors Society Producers Cooperative (FISPC) expressed its optimism for the science department’s continued support to Filipino through the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI).

The FISPC, a national organization of Filipino inventors, showed full support for DOST and TAPI’s programs and initiatives presented during the 23rd National Inventors Week  (NIW) Grand Inventrepreneurs Fellowship Banquet Celebration held on November 22, 2016 at 55 Events Place in Quezon City.

“We are very optimistic that our Filipino inventors will continue to receive more assistance from the DOST, and we are very delighted that Secretary Fortunato de la Peña, who served as director of TAPI before, is with us now,” said “inventrepreneur” Francisco “Popoy” Pagayon.

Pagayon coined the word inventrepreneur which means an inventor engaged in entrepreneurship.

“Our member inventors in the FISPC believe that the present administration will be supportive of the needs of the Filipino inventors. Government assistance will be available to us so that we can create more products and improve our competitiveness,” said Pagayon.

As the guest of honor during the celebration, Secretary de la Peña likewise lauded the efforts of the FISPC and their initiatives in promotiong local inventions. The science chief further said that DOST and TAPI will continue to provide assistance to FISPC in terms of securing patents for new products and providing financial assistance to those who will need additional funds for commercialization.

“The DOST has always been supportive of our Filipino inventors who create new products for the benefit of our people and I agree with the FISPC that entrepreneurship is the way to succeed from these inventions,” said de la Peña.

He further challenged the member-inventors to be more pro-active and forward-looking in terms of finding the needs of the market so they can invent products and services that will truly benefit the people not only in the country but elsewhere abroad.

“At  DOST, one of our agenda is to improve competitiveness and, as Steve Jobs said, we can make a dent in the universe. By inventing things that are different you can make lives better. The other one is improvement in the value chain so there is the need to respond to the market for inventions to succeed. We must remember that not anyone can be an inventor but everyone can be an innovator,” said de la Peña. (S&T Media Service)