Colgate Announces First Batch of 2017 Scholarship Promo Winners

Colgate, the number 1 Toothpaste brand in the Philippines*, announced the first winners of the Colgate Scholarship Promo 2017 and the names of their respective nominated scholars who will each receive PHP100,000 to secure a future they can smile about through education. The scholars who hail from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were drawn last May.

To join the promo, consumers throughout the country can purchase specially-marked Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection toothpaste cartons or any Colgate toothpaste sachet and register the unique promo code or barcode found in each pack. Each valid code is equivalent to raffle entries eligible to win PHP15 load, PHP500 National Book Store gift certificates, PHP10,000 scholarship subsidy or PHP100,000 scholarship grant in the monthly draws.

Among the first batch of P100,000 scholarship grant winners are Renato Tolentino, Bryan Valdez and Florence Region from Luzon, and Analou Casao and Prescilla Barillo from Visayas and Mindanao, respectively.

One of the Colgate Scholarship Promo 2017 winners, Analou Casao from Bohol, is a government employee who found out about the promo through Colgate’s television commercial. She is currently raising her son alone, Burj Johann, an incoming grade 3 student, as her husband had to move to Negros for work.

“We literally shouted with joy when my son and I found out we won the scholarship grant. Our family has had to make sacrifices for Burj’s education, and we are thankful to Colgate for this enormous help,” Analou shared.

Another winner is Bryan Valdez, a production operator in a private company. Bryan will be using the P100,000 to help fund the education of his nephew, Mark Gino, who is currently a kindergarten student in Laguna. Bryan is a firm believer than knowledge is power and is hopeful that his young nephew will have a future he can smile about through the help of Colgate.

14-year old Ranielle Joshua Casas will now be able to continue his studies too. He is the scholar of Lola Prescila Barillo who shared that winning the contest lifts a huge burden off her shoulders. Mounting day-to-day expenses such as her personal medication has made it difficult to manage the family’s budget. Winning the Colgate Scholarship Promo ensures that her grandson will be able to continue his studies.

“I’m so happy to be able to help my grandson have a brighter future,” Prescila said. “He aspires to be an engineer one day, and winning this scholarship grant gives us hope that his dreams can come true.”

Colgate will be awarding a total of 30 PHP100,000 scholarship grants throughout the promo duration. Visit the Colgate Philippines’ Facebook page to find out the full details of the Colgate Scholarship Promo 2017. Promo period is ongoing until September 3, 2017, as per DOH-FDA CCRR Permit No. 818 s. 2016.

 *IPSOS Dentist Recommendation Survey 2017                                                                          


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