Cayetano to AFP and PNP: Use your intel funds, put a stop to unrest and insurgency in Mindanao

Senate minority Alan Peter Cayetano lamented the seeming inability of both the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) to stop the series of bombings and acts of terrorism in Mindanao despite the huge amount of intelligence funds made available to them.

The senator noted that in 2011 the AFP was given P124.397 million in confidential and intelligence funds while the PNP was given P270.029 million.

For the proposed 2012 budget, PNP’s budget is still pegged at P270.029 million while AFP’s budget is slated to increase to P136.397 million.

“With intelligence funds this big, why are these agencies still unable to get to the masterminds of these bombings and put a stop to continuing acts of terrorism in the country?” he asked.

The minority leader pointed out that the failure of government to stabilize peace and order particularly in Mindanao is one of the major factors why foreign investments and development of local economy continue to be hampered.

“If our own citizens do not feel secure in their own country, how can we expect investors to come in? If investors become scarce, how can we expect to boost the country’s economy?” he asked.

“Must we wait for a “VIP” to be harmed before our law enforcers intensify their intelligence efforts? I have no doubt our soldiers and policemen have the capability to act swiftly and effectively but why aren’t we seeing the results?” the senator asked.

Cayetano urged the leaders of both the PNP and the AFP to step up their intelligence gathering in order to justify the millions of funds they receive for this purpose.

“Show us that the taxpayers’ money is being used for its intended purpose. Show us the results Use your intelligence funds and safeguard our country better,” he said.