Community Relations Service Month

IN CELEBRATION of the Community Relations Service Month this June, Laoag City Jail  personnel headed by J/SINSP HERMINIGILDO B RIVERA conducted a clean and green drive along the river dike on the northern bank of the Laoag’s Padsan River last June 6. As the gateway to the city proper welcoming tourists and other visitors, the area must be kept clean always because it reflects how disciplined the city folks are and it presents an impression of what Laoag City truly is. Unfortunately, some residents in the area are just too careless about protecting the environment and maintaining the cleanliness in their surroundings that they threw their garbage right along the river dike which was witnessed by the personnel when they visited the area. This is very alarming because the garbage and waste materials along the dike will be drifted to the sea when the water of the river rises during the rainy season. This is the main purpose why Laoag City Jail personnel chose the area for their clean and green drive. The activity also aimed at raising the level of public awareness towards the Jail Bureau as an organization similarly concerned in protecting the environment. The activity was coordinated with Mr. Bernardino R. Rodillas, Laoag City Community Affairs Officer who was also present during the said activity. (Text and Photo by BJMP-Laoag)