MMSU head pledges support to human capital investment

MMSU President Shirley C. Agrupis has pledged support to the investment of human capital, which serves as key to the development of the university.

Looking back at the times when Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos was establishing MMSU, Dr. Agrupis said the readiness of human resource was first considered before land acquisition and infrastructure development.

“Former Pres. Marcos first ensured the competencies of the people by gathering the highly-skilled professionals to jumpstart the university. When MMSU was built, aggressive human resource was pursued,” she said, adding that Marcos would surely be happy to see the return of the human capital investments he made several decades ago.

In her State of the University Address (SOUA) during MMSU’s 40th Foundation Anniversary Convocation, she emphasized, “Dapat, tao lagi ang una.”

Upgrading the technical, management, and leadership competence of university personnel is of high priority among the university’s strategic goals.

When she also spoke before the employees and other guests during the Programs on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence on January 25 at Teatro Ilocandia, Dr. Agrupis challenged the MMSU community to fortify their love and passion for the university by helping and inspiring one another in moving forward and in overcoming the circumstances that come on their way.

“Good work is just a reward. While we have numerous instruments to measure civil service performance, it is our conscience and moral obligations as Filipino people to do everything to serve,” she said, noting that MMSU is now a well-respected institution due to the unparalleled efforts by its pioneers and the present employees.

Dr. Agrupis also commended those who received awards for their excellence in work, but reminded them that these should not serve as materials to make them rest on their laurels.

“There is much ground to be covered, territories to be conquered, and dreams to achieve especially now that you have a president whose battle cry is to make MMSU the premier Philippine university by 2028,” she stressed. (Source: MMSU website)