8-month-old preggy mom saves a drowning girl

BATAC CITY, Dec. 4– Mary Rose Cardenas, who is eight months pregnant with her first baby, was lauded as a heroine for saving a girl from a possible drowning.

Cardenas said she rescued the girl from a small water impounding dam located near her house in Brgy. Pimentel, this city during an incident last Friday afternoon.

Cardenas, a plain housewife, told reporters that she tried to save the girl’s companion but she failed as the victim quickly sank deep into the water and drowned.

A report said the victims, both Grade 6 pupils from nearby Brgy. Nagtrigoan, Pinili town, together with several friends, went swimming at the dam.

At the height of fun, the kids panicked when they heard their two companions shouting for help.
Inside the house, Cardenas heard the commotion. She dashed outside and swiftly plunged into the dam despite her delicate condition.

“I’m happy that I saved one life but also sad coz the other life was unlucky”, she told newsmen.(tri-media report)