Weapon genii may be restless

Date published: April 3-9, 2017

Weapon genii  may be restless

Wounded Vice Mayor Ermitano’s Baby Armalite (BA) misfired while he traded shots with his ambushers

BA is suited only for quick defense or lightning assault. It overheats at the height of long firing. Uzi, Galil, and AK-47 are surefire security weapons for every politician whose life is in danger at all times.

All deceased inventors of guns and bullets may be restless in their graves amid the rise of gunned down victims from the media sector or drug den.

Truly, these weapon genii may be blamed in the first place for the destruction of human life. However, they came out with their invention, probably, with the reason only for profit and legacy but in their positive mind not to mutilate human body. Advocates of gunless society, anyone?

Newly appointed DepEd division superintendent of Ilocos Norte Ms. Vilma Eda says in every organization, there’s always the so called factionalism

You’re exactly correct Ma’am for the office you’re going to steer may still have the remnant of factionalism, a public knowledge during the reign of your immediate predecessor. Mrs. Eda’s plan to dismantle factionalism and unify all rival forces in her newly found turf will be a gargantuan task for an educator of high caliber like this lady who once headed the DepEd city school division of nearby Batac City.

If Bongbong Marcos accepts the DILG post, it won’t doom his VP poll protest vs Leni Robredo

The one-year ban on appointment of losing bets in the May 2016  ends on May 9. If the DILG seat is offered to him by DU30, he should not think twice. Experts say in case he wins his protest case before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, he is allowed by law to serve as Vice President and at the same time DILG secretary. This opinion sends shivers to the spine of Veep Robredo.#