Two-year-old girl burned to death inside family van

SAN NICOLAS, Ilocos Norte, Jan. 6, 2020– A two-year-old girl was burned to death while trapped inside their family van that accidentally caught fire in their garage at Brgy. 24, this town, the Bureau of Fire Protection reported today.

Senior Fire Officer 2 Banjo Aguinaldo, the officer in charge of BFP-San Nicolas said the house garage of Frederick Aguinaldo was furiously burning when they arrived at the fire scene this morning.

Two van vehicles parked side by side there were in flame at those moments.

Horrible was the two-year-old daughter of Frederick who was at the front seat in one of the vans.

“She was trapped inside. I tried to unlock all possible exits to rescue my baby girl but flame and smoke hampered my effort,” the teary-eyed Frederick spoke to reporters as he showed his burn-injured hands.

Initial investigation showed that the girl probably plugged the cigarette lighter at the front panel, then toyed with it until it accidentally ignited the flame.

The victim was supposed to join her dad Frederick in bringing her elder sibling to the school this morning.

Frederick first made her sit in front, left her for a while as he fixed the cover of the other parked van.

“In a spar of the moment, I smelled a burning odor and saw the other van was already enveloped with the blaze. It happened so fast, “ he said. (tri-media report)