Three elderly men hang themselves

  • This June is a month for the suicidal menfolk?

LAOAG CITY– What drove these three elderly men to end their precious life?

Police may conclude suicide as the motive but the psychological cause may be deeper.

In Solsona, Ilocos Norte, relatives could not surmise why their patriarch Julio, 66, farmer, hanged himself.

Early morning, Julio told his wife Lourdes. he was going to their farm.

She was shocked later to find him instead in their kitchen hanging with a nylon cord looped around his neck.

In Pasuquin town, Andres, 62, single, farmer, also killed himself by hanging.

Madelyne, his sister, said Andy first tried to commit suicide last February but he failed.

In Vintar town, Felipe, 57, construction worker, was found by kin lifeless hanging under a mango tree.

Police ruled out foul play in the incident after his body was examined by a government doctor. (tri-media report)