In Solsona town: 2 abduction try cases confirmed

*Young victims are still traumatized

SOLSONA, Ilocos Norte (Oct. 10)— Police authorities here have confirmed reports on two cases of alleged attempted snatching incidents of teenagers by suspected van-riding kidnappers last week.

Sr. Insp. Rodelio Santos, police chief of this town, said that the first incident took place in a playground near the St. James Parish Church, in this town.

He said that the suspects, aboard a red-colored van tried to offer him a snack food.

He added that when the victim was about to go near them, his friends prevented him.

In the second incident, witnesses said that the victim was walking on the road when a silver Foton van suddenly stopped at his side with suspicious-looking men on board.

Bystanders who noticed it and yelled at the suspects, who immediately drove away.

The police said that the two young victims were traumatized by the incidents.

Parents were advised by the police to be more vigilant to help in protecting their children from any would-be abductors.

S/Inps. Santos said they have mobilized force multipliers in all villages to help the police in tracking down the suspects.