RCF, Imee for senators in 2019?

Bacarra (Ilocos Norte) Mayor Nico de la Cruz lamented that the Sept. 30 shooting incident had occurred in his peaceful turf. The mayhem may have partly tainted his town’s image as a tranquil place where many elderly balikbayans prefer to spend their twilight years with their loved ones.

The Army report in Ilocos confirming the presence of CPP-NPA cadre in Luzon coming from the Visayas and Mindanao is a serious matter for Ilocos Norte known as a declared insurgency-free province for the past 15 years. Norteneans are praying hard that the cadre would spare the peace-loving folks here from any leftist indoctrination.

Senate prez Koko Pimentel, ruling PDP-Laban honcho, to field Ilocos Norte Congressman Rudy C. Fariñas as one of his early favorites for his party’s Senate slate in the 2019 mid-term election. Gov. Imee Marcos, too, is being groomed for Senator by her own political party. If Lady Luck would side Sir RCF and Manang Imee, then two Norteneans elected to the Senate would be a pride for the Ilocanos.

Batanes folks mourn the untimely demise of their congresswoman, madam Henedina Abad, wife of ex-DBM chief Butch Abad. She lost her long battle against cancer at 62. Health is wealth, a doctor’s cliche.

Now we know the danger of being a God-less person. Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had no religion, no affiliation. He staged a mass slaughter of innocent concert-goers for an unknown reason. The word God-fearing was never found in his vocabulary till his last breath at his hotel’s 32nd floor where he mounted his deadly arsenal that mowed and maimed a throng of victims. A high-roller, he gambled his life to hell.

Controversial blogger and Communication chief Martin Andanar’s Asec Mocha Uson knew the Achilles’ heel of her fake news accuser Senator Antonio Trillanes. At the hearing, he succumbed with delight to Mocha’s flattery when he heard her say he’s more handsome in person than seeing him on the boob tube and newspaper pages.#