Quo vadis Laoag after 52 years?

By Cherry Joy D. Garma and Maricel Agoo

LAOAG CITY, July 3 – This year, Laoag City celebrates 52 years of fame, glory, and pride.

After years of challenges and development, Laoag is continuously transforming and evolving to be greater as the prime city in the North.

“Laoag” is derived from the Ilocano term “lawag” which means light or brightness.

One of the most noticeable structures upon entering the city is the bell tower of the St. William’s Cathedral and La Paz Sand Dunes also referred to as Bantay Bimmaboy dubbed Desert of the North.

As the provincial capital, Laoag is the center of social and economic activities with almost all major commercial and institutional establishments that dotted its urban areas and suburbs.

The critical infrastructures such as the Laoag International Airport at Gabu and the Currimao Port make Laoag the port of entry of goods and services complemented by an extensive road and highway system that connects it to other cities.

Also, the city provides a large opportunity for economic expansion. Tourist spots, availability of internationally competitive accommodations and facilities, and the presence of supportive national government agencies, make Laoag an ecotourism center, as classified by the Department of Tourism (DOT).

“Through the years, we are continuously witnessing the evolution and transformation of our greatest city,” Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas said to describe the long journey of the city.

People of Laoag always believed that failures that happened in the past will make them stronger for the continuation of a new era thus, in 2015, Laoag become the Finest City.

To celebrate the 52nd Charter day celebration of Laoag, the city mayor along with other government workers and various partners, released red balloons and doves which signify city’s readiness for a greater and brighter future and the unending freedom of the city, respectively.

Also, the celebration was made more meaningful this year because it coincided with the birth anniversary of the country’s national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

A wreath-laying ceremony was also conducted which aimed to honor the services of the men and women who contributed to the success of Laoag City in the past years.

As final words for the 52nd Charter Day ocassion, Mayor Fariñas said, “being loud doesn’t always mean strength, and being silent doesn’t mean weakness”. (Cherry Joy D. Garma and Maricel Agoo, PIA1-Ilocos Norte/ Photo by Arserbi 24/7)