PVET offers free rabies vaccinations

In celebration of Rabies Awareness Month, the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVET) is offering free rabies vaccinations, direct fluorescent antibody (dFA) testing, and desexing of pets until March 31.
“We are glad that our request to provide these services for free this month was approved by our Governor, Imee R. Marcos,” said Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Loida Valenzuela, explaining that the dFA test is used for rabies diagnoses.

Meanwhile, neutering male pets or spaying female pets involves the removal of their reproductive organs in order to prevent unwanted offspring, hence desexing.

Aside from the effect on reproduction, neutering or spaying also contributes to a longer and healthier life for pets. It is known to prevent testicular cancer and prostate problems in males, while females have a lower chance of developing uterine infections and breast tumors.

These also aid behavioral problems in pets, such as excessive urinating, escaping from home to find a mate, territorial spraying or urinating, mounting, and aggression.

The procedures normally cost a small fee at the PVET, thus Dr. Valenzuela encourages pet owners in Ilocos Norte to avail of these free veterinary services which also contribute to safer communities.