Imee Marcos, shoo-in for senator?

Date published: February 5-11, 2018

JUDGING  from the public  reaction to  speculations on Gov. Imee Marcos’ possible entry to the senate,  if at all there’s going to be a senate  under the Duterte administration, this columnist thinks she would be a shoo-in winner in a senatorial race, and even possibly landing in the top 5!

We aired this forecast while observing the public‘s reception of the stunning lady governor in two events in Pangasinan recently — the Mangatarem fiesta and the National Bible month celebration at the Capitol grounds.

Imee  was received like a world  celebrity!

We  were seated beside her in the Lingayen event,  and two of the things we chatted about, briefly though,  were her faith in God, which was the meat of her speech, and the titillating Marcos millions or trillions.

We earlier got a briefing on the Marcos trillions, and  in dollars yet,  from  a former  Malacanang  driver, Guia Macmod, whose “friend” (name withheld in the meantime),  enjoyed  the unrivalled  trust of the late Ilocano President.

Imee briefly talked about the Marcoses’ Aglipayan faith, which also happened to be the religion of our grandparents.

While we were chatting, the speaker,  Philippine Bible Society general secretary Nora Lucero,  was rallying the faithful to upgrade their fighting faith.

We next touched  on the  vaunted Marcos gargantuan wealth which the lady governor feigned  knowledge. We mumbled about certain unverified data we got from Mr. Macmod , now president of the Muslims in Pangasinan, and Engr. Alex Sapigao, son of the late former Asingan, Pangasinan mayor  Francisco Sapigao, having impressed us with their detailed knowledge   on the subject.

Nothing spectacular came up of  our feeble attempt to eke out  juicy  info,  what would you expect, anyway?.

On speculations on her expected  election to the Senate, we think it  would be a walk-inthe-park, although like we said, we have to defer to the Duterte government’s plan to abolish the Senate in favor of a One House legislature under a federal government..

The One-House proposal  is  stlil assiduously being debated. The more sober pundits say a shift for  a parliament couldn’t be rushed. Certain political thinkers opine it might take ten to 30 years to change our form of government.

Back to the titillating subject: What do you think of a Senator Imee?

We can have an idea on how the first Marcoses—the late President and former Senator Bongbong—fared in that august body.

We have had the opportunity to cover Bongbong. He was  brilliant, just like the orig.

Bongbong, as of press time, was still slugging it out in the Supreme Court in his protest  case against Vice President Leni Robredo.

We prefer to leave this matter to the court.

Suffice it to say that the Marcoses have received brickbats from the political  maelstrom, but the “positive”  still far outnumber the negative..

It is a fact of life that there are  personages in our “kaleidoscopic world” who continue to enjoy dominance in the  public perception.

It seems to us that it is not yet time for the Maroses to leave  the  scene.

Far from it.

And… with our Muslim friend’s revelation that it is only a matter of time, say, “within the year,” to unravel the  legend on the Marcos wealth, giving truism to what  two US presidents —  Ronald Reagan and George Bush – told the world press that  the Philippines outraces the US in terms of wealth, our thoughts race back once again to  Bung Ferdinand’s magic  battle cry, ”this nation can be great again!” becoming  this time to be  finally true.

Cross your fingers!.