Hawaii governor to visit Ilocos Norte– Vice Gov. Barba

Ilocos Norte Vice Governor Angelo Marcos-Barba said that Governor David Ige of the State of Hawaii, U.S.A. is planning to visit the province of Ilocos Norte this coming October.

Barba said that the Hawaii governor intends to visit the different sources of renewable energies such as windmill farm, solar power plant, and even the small hydro power plant, situated in northern part of the province.

Vice Gov. Barba said Governor Ige is interested in studying the process in establishing renewable energy projects adhered by the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) through private entities.

He added that Governor Ige appreciated the gradual development of the province through the establishment of windmill, a tourist attraction that creates more job opportunities, and boosts the economy of the province.

VG Barba also learned that the State of Hawaii is also planning to establish their renewable energies, however, this is in due consideration of the rules to be complied with as well as the welfare of their people.

Knowing that Ilocos Norte is the first source of renewable energy established in South East Asia, Governor Ige cited that PGIN will be of a big help to the State of Hawaii.

It was learned that Governor Ige vowed to help the province in terms of the sustainable development in agricultural sector, creation of job opportunities and preservation of culture.

As initial move, PGIN is preparing a draft of Memorandum of Agreement to be signed by both parties, signifying their interest to establish strong partnership towards development.

Vice Governor Barba and Governor Ige personally met when the former visited Hawaii recently. (Source: Vice Governor’s FB page)