God’s answer to this writer’s prayer: “I am born every time a person accepts me in his heart….”

For good or ill, we sought an authority, an intellectual, a researcher, Bible scholar and a leader of the Free Masons, Bro. Antonio G. Hombrebueno, of Pangasinan, La Union and Manila to do a  research on the real birthday of Jesus Christ.

For good or ill, we sought an authority, an intellectual, a researcher, Bible scholar and a leader of the Free Masons, Bro. Antonio G. Hombrebueno, of Pangasinan, La Union and Manila to do a  research on the real birthday of Jesus Christ.“No, not research, pare ko, kasi the subject has always been in my mind,” he said.

When we hastened to say about the Roman Catholic church’s sensitivity to the subject, Tony said, “it’s no longer controversial, what with the internet and the like.”We said we need to confront fiction for fact, and we believe the entire Christendom would be a satisfied beneficiary for this enterprise. Many, as you know, continually dispute December 25 as fixed by a Roman leader, because if it were so, it would be unthinkable for the shepherds to be out in the field amid a severe weather.

Here’s his account: “December 25 as the birthday of Jesus Christ was first promulgated under the Emperor Constantine in the year 336. A few years later, it was formally decreed by the Roman Catholic Church under Pope Julius l as the official birth-date of our Savior.

The Annunciation was placed in March 25 where Mary was said to have conceived, plus nine months equals December 25. It was the time of the winter solstice and the celebration of the pagan gods and the saturnalia, the honoring of the Roman god Saturn.

On the very day, December 25 also was celebrated as the birthday of the“ Unconquerable Sun” and the god Mithra. There were many “born again“ then for they worshipped the sun which sets in the evening  but is born again the next day.

The Sun later became the Son when Rome became Christian. It was also the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, the festival of lights, so why not make it the birthday of Jesus to make the day coincide with all the festivals?No doubt this was the first great compromise of the church with paganism, for its host and protector was also the high priest of paganism.

The coming of the Internet brought all the secrets above ground and suddenly a prophecy of Jesus was fulfilled. “The secrets you whisper in your rooms will one day be shouted from the rooftops. My word will not pass away”.Now people question everything.

How can there be shepherds in the fields if Jesus was born on December 25?  It will be cold. There will be snow and rain. And why will the Romans tax at such a time when the pathways will not be passable because of the weather and Joseph and Mary heavy with child come to Bethlehem from Egypt to be taxed? It doesn’t make sense.Since John’s mother Elizabeth was in her sixth month of pregnancy when Jesus was conceived {Luke 1:24-36} we can know the time of year Jesus was born if we know the time of year John was born. John’s father Zacharias was a priest serving in the Jerusalem temple in the course of Abijah.

Historical calculations indicate that this course of service corresponded to June 13-16 in that year. Jupiter and Venus begin to converge on June 13 and on June 16 they form the brightest convergence in 2000 years. They start to part on June 19.  Assuming John’s conception took place in June 4Bc, plus nine months brings us to March 3BCas the birthdate of John, plus six months will bring us to September as the month of Jesus’ birth.Now let us review again. Shepherds were in the fields when Jesus was born. That makes it the Fall, not Winter. The Roman empire taxed in 3BC when the weather was good and the pathways are good for travel. Revelation 12 says at that time, the sun was at constellation Virgo with the moon under her feet making the time of her virgin birth in 3BC when God put the stars and constellations in the sky for signs and seasons (Genesis 1:14-18). It was September 11, 3BC.The significance of the date wasn’t lost on those who planned the attack on the most powerful nation of Christianity, the twin towers in New York on a September 11. They can calculate too. They know our book and are sworn against it – the Anti Christ, while the significance of the event was lost to 99% of Christianity

.It was more than a year later in December 2BC that the Magi traveled to ask Herod where the newly born king was (Mathew 2) and found the young child. The Magi were the first to worship him as king from heaven.

Legend has it that they came as wise men but departed as kings of the elements air, water, and earth while the child kept the fire element for himself. Later, Herod ordered all the children two years and below killed in Bethlehem.The Jewish New Year Tisril, was at the exact time of the Revelation 12 event in 3BC at 6:18pm in Palestine which started the Feast of Trumpets. So trumpets were blaring over Israel at the exact time when Jesus was born, 6:18pm September 11, 3BC.The star of the East followed by the Magi was another convergence of the planets Jupiter and Venus in the constellation Leo next to the royal star Regulus. Is there nothing more to say for December 25? It is the time of the year when the daylight starts to get longer against the night. Three stars form a line to point at the sun. The sun travels in the sky towards the northern cross.  When it reaches the center of the star cross it is said to die on the cross and later to resurrect. The earthly drama unfolds in the sky too.

While I was alone below the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, I asked about the issue in my prayer and He answered, “I am born every time a person accepts me in his heart, to make my dwelling there. And I am nurtured to maturity by his love and prayers.” And I thanked God and told him He is fond of drama, for the best gift He gave humanity, He laid in a manger where animals eat and wrapped in rags. God Bless You and you r family my brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Merry Christmas to one and all!