Wanted long-legged athletes

Published date: March 6-12, 2017

Wanted long-legged athletes

Ilocos Norte athletes have shorter legs compared to their rivals, hence, they lost in the regional sportsfest—DepEd sports officer

If that’s the case, there was no fair play. David and Goliath tale is a legend that won’t apply here. Be that as it may, long-legged athletes are now in demand for next year’s sport skirmishes.

Kinni-kinni (hip grinding) gimmick  marks Women’s Month celeb

Naughty boys love to sing an Ilocano melody that mentions about kinni-kinni. They change some of its Iluko lyrics with sex words for the sake of entertaining themselves when they are tipsy amid a drinking spree. One for the road, pre!

Controversial cockpit arena issue is the raging hot topic in our locality since two weeks ago.

Concerned SP members engaged in the repartee are not ‘flying school’ aficionados but their minds seemed ala-Texas when they clashed on the question of legality.

Most top graduates this year from the Philippine Military Academy are females

Don’t underestimate the skirted soldiers. They’re no longer ‘weaker sex’ even in combat operations. They drew inspiration from heroine Gabriela Silang, the fearless horse-riding Ilocana combatant who continued her slain husband Diego Silang’s bloody anti-colonial fight during the Spanish regime long long decades ago.

Environment Secretary Gina Lopez, the miners’ nemesis and whose forte is literature used hyperbole when she answered opposition to her confirmation during the CA hearing.

Her big boss Digong, a lawyer, likewise, loves to utter hyperbole remarks. She was bypassed by the CA body but DU30 may still rehire her. Hyperbolic birds of same feather get together.#