Isobel brings home the crown

Cyrene Isobel Sor Guiang wins the Little Miss Laoag City 2017 title

Aged 4 and tagged as female candidate #9, she’s one of the youngest bets. Petite yet she dwarfed ‘em all when she emerged at the center stage as the last little girl standing. The roaring crowd cheered No. 9 as their favorite when Cyrene Isobel, our granddaughter, answered in fluent English cum accent the toughest question during the Q&A finale. Aside from bringing home the Crown, she bagged other awards including the online People’s Choice award (she got 2.3K likes) and Miss Photogenic award. Netizens say, “she’s pretty, smart and witty girl.”

Gov. Imee says Sarrat was the first capital town of the province after the Ilocos split into Norte and Sur in 1818

No modern-day Nostradamus at that time had predicted that Sarrat would produce a political genius to become the President of the Republic of the Philippines in the person of Ferdinand Edralin Marcos.

Know the obscure Laoag before it became the permanent capital town of Ilocos Norte

Historians say the ancient town proper of Laoag was a forested area where the sunlight couldn’t even penetrate it? From a thickly green jungle, it turned into a shiny open field after a massive clearing, hence, they called the place Laoag, an Iluko word, which means Light. Laoagenos later call the place Sunshine city of the North.

Mayor CVF awards two CSU agents for capturing a fleeing thief

How about Bobot Colobong, the market vendor? He was the one who first chased the thief inside the city supermarket and struggled with the suspect until he dropped the stolen handbag from his possession. Citing the vendor in any form may inspire others (especially the able-bodied men) to emulate his exemplary deed.

Newly crowned Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere is France’s first Miss Universe in 63 years

As an independent-minded journalist, I chose her as my bet among the three finalists and even earlier among the six semi-finalists when our very own Maxine Medina failed to hit the nail during the pageant’s Q&A segment.#