Hoping it’s an honest mistake   

Issue: February 6-12, 2017

Education Sec. Leonor Briones visits Ilocos Norte for a DepEd confab.

She looks frail with her age. She walks with close-in aides to safeguard her from accidental fall. In public service, age doesn’t matter as long as the brain remains razor sharp. Look at Madam Imelda, she’s already octogenarian but still active in her congressional duties and social gatherings. Of course, she is aided too when she moves around.

Only one mayor from Ilocos Norte in DU30’s narco list–Rep. Rudy Farinas; There are three I.Norte mayors in Digong’s narco roll–Manang Imee

It’s not debatable, the number. Suspense on who he or she is, or who are the trio, makes us more curious to know. We hope the concerned aforesaid listing was an honest mistake.

Former long-time town mayor Bonifacio “Bobby” Clemente Jr. of Paoay, Ilocos Norte is gone

His untimely demise may change the town’s political landscape in 2018. Neophytes may spring from nowhere to challenge the incumbents. Bobby used to call me cousin as a relative on my father’s side–Pobre and Guiang. Farewell Mayor Bobby.

FVR tells DU30: “Don’t talk about dying soon or being killed, preserve your life, you have a lot of things to do”

Veep Leni Robredo and her fellow Yellow cultists dislike such kind of advice coming from someone allied to them since the 1986 Edsa revolt. Uncle Fidel may mean just the opposite? Hope not.

Shabu is laced with chemicals for car batteries that shrink the brain of the drug user –Digong

The government should, therefore, ban totally the importation or manufacture of the said chemicals to kill the shabu industry. Makers of car batteries may find other chemicals for their products.#