Bar exam’s Top No. 6 puts NU on national map

Date published: May 1-7, 2017

Bar exam’s Top No. 6 puts NU on national map

Laoag’s Northwestern University (NU) law grad lands No. 6 in Bar Exam Top 10
Mark Dave Camarao, the incoming lawyer, put NU on the national map for excellent law schools in the country. A free ad that may draw more law enrollees to NU.

Ilocos Norte senior SP member Matthew Manotoc’s public appearance in village activities in various LGUs is visibly noted nowadays
It’s perceived as “sowing a seed” for the near future. A young six-footer, Matt fits to be a good cage enthusiast like his dad.

A shootout erupts in Currimao town’s rolling hills: 3 dead
The lawmen should have videoed the whole actual action-filled scene like in gangland movie style.

Rejected DENR Sec. Gina Lopez’s 55 “ghosts” employees received P120,000 high salary per month without output–COA
Those who idolized her have thought she’s a paragon of righteousness. Many were deceived by her blah-blah.

Philippine Daily Inquirer’s owners Rufino & Prieto clan owes P4.6 billion in accumulated unpaid rents and taxes to the government, says The Manila Times
Top TMT columnist Rigoberto Tiglao, who wrote the expose, assailed the Inquirer owners as heavy debtors to the government. Records showed that the then Marcos administration allowed the Rufinos & Prietos to lease a government-owned prime commercial lot in Makati which they controlled for 36 years. It had expired but the Rufinos & Prietos allegedly refused to give up the land. Worse, they used their paper Inquirer as propaganda tool against the Marcoses and allies, even until now. The Inquirer’s booses bite the hand that feeds them. #