Gargantuan vs. lilliputian


Online chat group of the Laoag City General Hospital in hot water–Media report
Dr. Francis Dacuycuy, the city hospital’s top honcho, got mad at the chat group for posting nasty things online. Owing to this, he banned the use of mobile phones by all employees on duty. Supposed to be, medical staff should focus their attention on the sick, instead of tinkering their personal e-gadget.

Environment officer Baby Sacro defends Barangay Ranger Officers from raps
The BROs, the forest watchdog, allegedly cut trees in the village of Catangraran, Solsona, Ilocos Norte which irked Mayor Alex Calucag. However, ENRO’s Baby Sacro defended them saying the trees were apparently fallen when NIA had a project in the area. Next time, watch your step, bro.

Water level around the legendary Paoay Lake in Paoay town recedes which alarms fisherfolk
My ancestors, who formerly owned a farm lot near the body of water, used to tell me then as a young boy the immortalized legend which says the lake was a sunken ancient town of sins likened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Old folks said, when the lake receded to acute water level, structure remnants of the submerged town appeared in the middle of the lake and surrounded by a school of fish with earrings. Here’s a warning to modern-day sin cities, beware, the wrath from the Above may come down upon you incognito. Who knows.

China threatens to wage war against our country, the Philippines if worse comes to worse
It would be a David-and-Goliath fight. Our very own lilliputian Philippines would be literally using a slingshot against the gargantuan China, ready to arm to the teeth with missiles and high-tech armaments. God forbid, a bloody war is a waste of human lives and properties.

I’ll behead my critics who are opposed to my drug war–Du30
A bluff or real, the threat may send a shiver to the spine of his fault finders. Please, don’t provoke him to prove his words. We don’t want any single life to be sacrificed as a sample of beheading.#