Trash-to-cash scheme

From trash to cash. A group of women in this town will soon start cashing in on trash materials that have been converted to various products that are fashionable, functional and decorative.

Members of the Sarrat Federation for Women underwent a three-day skills training to learn the craft of converting trash materials from newspapers, worn out brooms and plastics to a variety of saleable items such as bags, baskets, trays and fashionable goods like bracelets.

The skills training, sponsored by the provincial government through the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO), was meant to introduce women on how to earn income from materials inside their homes that they would normally put away in trash bins.

Trained craft-makers from Baguio City provided additional skills development to at least 32 members of the women’s group.

Vivian Wa-ay, a member, said the training enabled women to be creative and earn from materials that are just lying and gathering dust inside their homes.

Governor Imee Marcos said the finished products that the women created will be put on display at the La Tabacalera commercial arcade to create a market for them.

Marcos said the first batch of trained women will pass on the skills they obtained to other women’s groups around the province to create a wider pool of craft-makers.

She said the training program will start providing livelihood opportunities to home-based women and help the environment by recycling and developing solid waste management. (Cristina Arzadon/PIA)