Man survives shooting in movie-style chase

LAOAG CITY, May 2–Bel King Tango, 24, married, eluded wheezing bullets fired at him by gunmen riding in tandem during a dramatic chase along Tomas Pasion Street, this city, a police report said.

The report showed that Tango was talking to a woman in front of his aunt’s house when suddenly a guy hit his head with a hard object.

Despite the blow, he managed to run and ride on his parked motorcycle and fled westward.

The two suspects also boarded a motorcycle and chased him. Upon reaching the hillside Mormons Chapel on Brgy. 23, one of the suspects allegedly fired at him but missed him as the target.

As the high-speed chase ensued, the gunman pumped another bullet when reaching the Honda Prestige store at Brgy. 13, Bacarra Road but again, it missed Tango.

At this juncture, his motorcycle skidded due to a slide throwing Tango off the wheel.

Sensing his attackers were apparently dead serious to kill him, he quickly rose from the fall and hid in the houses’ alley nearby under the cover of darkness.

Responding police arrived in a patrol car and arrested the two suspects who yielded a caliber .38 revolver with live bullets.

The lawmen also seized the suspects’ motorcycle used in the chase.

When grilled at the police station, the suspects said they accused Tango of sending bold videos to their aunt’s cellphone which angered them. However, he denied the allegation.

At press time, police said they had readied several criminal charges to be filed against the suspects. (tri-media report)