Former seaman gunned down

MARCOS, Ilocos Norte, July 7–Cesar Soliman, 64, a former seaman, and resident of Brgy. Dancel, Dingras, Ilocos Norte, was gunned down in Brgy. Pacifico, this town last night, police said.

A report said the victim’s body was found slumped on the roadside near his “kurong-kurong”, an improvised motorcycle. The victim’s wallet and mobile phone were missing.

The body bore multiple gunshot wounds. He was probably shot point blank as his back skin burned and several empty shells were recovered under his kurong-kurong, investigators said.

Madeline Soliman told reporters that her husband left their house at about 6:30 p.m. and headed to Brgy. Ver, Dingras town to see his cousin who just arrived from abroad.

She said that at 9:00 p.m. she received his text message telling he would stay overnight at his cousin’s house and go home the following morning to bring the kids to the school.

She only learned about the gun slaying of her husband the following morning, Madeline added.

Dingras Mayor Erdio Valenzuela said the victim was his neighbor at Brgy. Dancel. Cesar, the victim, probably took the Marcos town route in going to Brgy. Ver due to the swollen river, the mayor theorized.

Police said all angles including a land dispute are being investigated to ascertain the motive of the killing. Marcos town Mayor Jesse Hermitano said he was alarmed because of the series of gun slaying incidents in his town.

The record shows that four people were gunned down in Marcos town this year including the late town mayor Arsenio Agustin and Soliman, the latest victim. (Tri-Media report)