Cow loses 2 ears, 2 legs to thieves

SARRAT, Ilocos Norte, June 25– Police were baffled in their investigation on a stolen cow found partly slaughtered by suspected thieves.

It was a riddle to the lawmen why the perpetrators merely chose to cut off the two ears and two rear legs and then left the rest of the cow’s body intact.

Midarlo said he tied his cow overnight in the farm and when he checked it the following morning, he was shocked to find out his animal was already dead but .with the missing parts of the body.

He valued his farm animal at about P20,000.

Reports gave no details on how the carcass was disposed of.

Investigators were checking allegation that shortly after the incident a fellow villager had a meal of cow’s leg meat locally called kukod.

However, police surmised the allegation as weak evidence to pinpoint him as a suspect in the crime as anybody could easily buy animal leg meat for food in the market. (tri-media report)