Gargantuan vs. lilliputian

  Online chat group of the Laoag City General Hospital in hot water--Media report Dr. Francis Dacuycuy, the city hospital’s top honcho, got mad at the chat group for posting nasty things online. Owing to this, he banned the use of mobile phones by all employees on duty. Supposed to be, … Continue reading

Weapon genii may be restless

Date published: April 3-9, 2017 Weapon genii  may be restless Wounded Vice Mayor Ermitano’s Baby Armalite (BA) misfired while he traded shots with his ambushers BA is suited only for quick defense or lightning assault. It overheats at the height of long firing. Uzi, Galil, and AK-47 are … Continue reading

Wanted long-legged athletes

Published date: March 6-12, 2017 Wanted long-legged athletes Ilocos Norte athletes have shorter legs compared to their rivals, hence, they lost in the regional sportsfest—DepEd sports officer If that’s the case, there was no fair play. David and Goliath tale is a legend that won’t apply … Continue reading

Life is like a wheel   

Publication date: February 20-26, 2017 Update on the P90M missing fund of the Laoag City treasury office Vice Mayor Michael Farinas broke his silence on the anomaly saying if everyone is impatient to know the Commission On Audit’s investigation result, he, his wife Mayor Chevylle and family are … Continue reading