Two girls possessed by evil spirit?

VINTAR, Ilocos Norte, Jan. 16—Two young girls claimed that they were possessed by alleged evil spirit while travelling along Bordo, a border of Vintar town and Laoag City at about 9 o’clock last night. Bordo is located near the public cemetery of Vintar.

Amanda (not her real name), one  of the victims, said that last night she and three other companions  rode a motorcycle driven by her older friend.

The four came from Laoag and were on the way home to the Vintar town proper here when a stranger sprung from the darkness and flagged down their ride at Bordo.

They ignored it and a few minutes later, two of them turned wild, shouting and acted with extraordinary strength, signs that both were possessed with evil spirit.

When rescuers arrived, a strange female voice was heard from one of the victims saying she (the woman speaking) was murdered at Bordo and was apparently crying for justice..

SPO1 OnofrePacis, investigator, confirmed the incident when interviewed by reporters.

At press time, the two victims were now in stable condition.(tsg w/ report from bv, da)