Taller tricycle sidecars mulled

LAOAG CITY–In reaction to the privilege speech of Liga ng mga Barangay president and ex-officio member Rudys Caesar Fariñas II of the city council, SP member Donald Nicolas, chair of the transportation committee, vowed to review the existing tricycle ordinance, particularly the prescribed height of sidecars for commercial tricycles operating in Laoag.

The young Fariñas spoke recently before the Sangguniang Panglunsod seeking for the strict implementation of the existing tricycle ordinance on the prescribed size or height of sidecars for commercial tricycles operating in this city.

He said he had received many complaints from the riding public about alleged discomfort and risk because the present height of tricycle sidecars are too low for medium and tall adult passengers. Whenever, the speeding tricycle hit a hump or hole on the road, the passenger gets hurt due to overhead impact, the complaint said.

Fariñas had also questioned the dubious presence of mini-mirror installed inside some tricycles. Some drivers are mischievous with wild eyes on skirted women passengers, a female journalist said. Fariñas, likewise, noted the alleged overcharging of fare by some tricycle drivers. “I personally experienced this overcharging of fare every time I rode in a tricycle in Laoag,” he said.

On the other hand, the ABC president, proposed the giving of incentives or rewards to honest tricycle drivers who return to the rightful owners any cash or personal belongings lost inside the tricycles by their passengers.

Councilor Nicolas said that the existing tricycle ordinance may be revised in case the city council would prescribe a new height of sidecars for commercial tricycles. He assured that they will hold a public hearing to give a fair chance for the tricycle operators/drivers and the riding public to air their side.