Mayor Garvida: No training camp for hired killers in Nueva Era

NUEVA ERA, Ilocos Norte (Sept. 3) – Mayor Aldrin Garvida has vehemently denied allegation that this mountainous town is a training ground of suspected hired killers operating in the province.

Garvida claimed that upon constant dialogue with various male persons  in Brgy. Sto. Nino, this town, they assured him of  non-existence of training camp for guns for hire. If there is such case of training camp, the police should have acted on it, he said.

He stressed that there was no such camp in any barangay here particularly  Brgy. Sto. Niño. This remote mountainous village is situated near the Ilocos Norte-Abra border.

Mostly residents of Sto. Nino are Tingguians from Abra province and due to poverty, they left Abra and settled in Sto.Nino, he explained. “We were helping them to alleviate them from poverty”, he added.

The training camp issue was brought out after the recent arrest of a person who is an alleged suspect in three separate killings. The said arrested person is a resident of Brgy. Sto. Niño, of this town.  He was with his wife and child at home when police operatives pounced on him.

The suspect later bravely faced the media and claimed innocence on the multiple murder charges.

“Nalinis ti kinata-ok. Diak ammo dagiti (pammapatay) nga ipabpabasolda kaniak,”  he told reporters in the dialect.    (Theo S. Guiang)

  • Maggie tunac

    The issue must be clarified well,coz mostly mwp belongs to nuev era!

    • keep on eye

      Comment posted: 10/01/2013…

      There are political figure in this country that looking up for their personal interest. instead of giving priorities to the improvement of their people, they are always living for the sake of their own interest. The benefits was only given to the those who’s with him. He

      • Keep on Eye

        Comment posted: 10/01/2013:

        Being a leader in government as a figure, you should always prioritize the welfare of your community. You should not prioritize your own interest and to be greedy sacrificing the effort of your people just to have the luxurious living. Having luxurious property in different part of the Philippines. Like Manila, Pagudpud, Laoag, Neuva Era. Think of the people in your town who suffer from hunger and thirst for the improvement of their life. Those projects that was given to you was monopolize for the sake of accumulating all the assets under his name. ..

        It should be always open to the public for the project that was given to you. The money that you have recieved came from the goverment which means it came form the taxes of the people and the public have the right to have an access and participate whatever decision that the town is heading to…

        Look around and see that there are minorities in your town whose in need for infrastructure for welfare and development. Not for the development of your own sake and your family.

        Hiring people to protect your family and your political ambition, hiding criminals, thief, greedy people.

        • keep on eye

          Conversation started today


          Lea Christine Reyes


          I witness in my own eye when I visited your province and conducted some surveys in regards to the minority living in Ilocos Norte. I work for an International Organization associated with United Nation. I was very disappointed what I have seem with my own eye. Political figure in your town was only intended to their own interest. I was able to interviewed one of the native people and find out that these politicians using minority to get sort of donations. And they are using cultural tradition to be presented in the public without the consent of the elder.


          Lea Christine Reyes

          Hi, Merry Christmas.

          I am one of the concern citizen here in Ilocos Norte. I would like to ask for your office to help the minority in the Nueva Era, Ilocos Norte. We were not given an equal opportunity to have the privileged right as a minority. They political figure who was sited as leader is only giving the opportunity to those people whom he like. It was not given to all of the privileged minority but it was only for selected people.

          He is only giving the grants to those people who came from other town and who just went their to work with them.

          He is only prioritizing those people that he can use to his political will and greed. With all the assets that he accumulated during his stay as political figure which simply mean that he is only living for the sake of his greed and ambition. He accumulated an asset in Manila, Laoag, Pagudpud, Nueva Era Residences( these are only few of the assets that they have accumulated). All of these assets were prioritized while his people in his town suffer from hunger and craving for the welfare. These people don’t know where to get food to eat and how to send their kids to school.

          It seems that the minority from these town was already drove out where in fact these town belongs to the minority.