“I am alive not dead”, says Police Chief Teddy Rosqueta

LAOAG CITY, Aug. 6–Fresh from a hospital surgery, Chief Inspector Teddy Rosqueta shrugged off circulated obituary text messages that he was dead due to an ambush in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, where he is the current new police chief.

In a phone interview, he told the media that it was true he was hospitalized but not due to ambush injuries. He explained that he took sick leave from his duty when he underwent hospital operation on gall bladder and appendectomy ailment.

“It was the second time that my detractors had spread false text messages that I was dead. The first time I got hospitalized, texters did the same, he added. He appealed to the pranksters to stop maligning him.

He thanked God for giving him an extended life after his successful operation. Perhaps, I have still an unfinished mission to do on earth, thus, God spared me, Major Rosqueta concluded.(l.b.)