Anti-measles shot keeps doctor apart

The City Health Office (CHO) has allayed fears of measles outbreak here noting that children were given vaccination shots during the city government’s visit to the villages.

Dr. Renato Mateo, CHO head, said no measles case in Laoag has been reported to this day following the outbreak of measles in certain areas in the country especially Metro Manila.

“We have not recorded any outbreak. We are confident that measles will not affect the children here since they have complete set of vaccination,” Mateo said.

The Department of Health said babies aged 6 to 11 months should be administered their first vaccine shot while booster shot is given at 12 to 18 months.

Mateo said children who have not been given anti-measles shots may avail of free vaccines once supply arrives from the DOH.

He said even children who have been previously vaccinated may still be re-vaccinated five years after acquiring the initial anti-measles shots.
The CHO through the ‘Rang-ay Ti Barangay’ (progress to the villages), a livelihood and medical assistance program of the city government, regularly visits villages for medical support and mandatory vaccination of children.

The Laoag City General Hospital (LCGH) also supports the CHO in administering free vaccines when supply is available.

Meanwhile, the City Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Council (CDRRMC) said it will monitor measles incidents in the city to prevent an outbreak. (CJDG/PIA)