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Buses’ healthy business competition

Written by Ilocos Sentinel posted on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Buses’ healthy business competition
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JANUARY 14–Passenger buses in Ilocos plying the Laoag-Manila route and vice versa are enjoying a healthy business competition, a boon to the daily riding public. My wife Nannette and I traveled today via bus to San Fernando City, La Union for a personal mission instead of driving our 1.5 automatic Toyota Vios. First option was to ride a Farinas bus, being our decades-long favorite, transportation-wise. For no 6 a.m. trip, we instead boarded a Partas bus bound for Baguio City. Partas is likened to the defunct Phil. Rabbit bus. Partas’ daily trips going to Manila and Baguio are known to be on every-hour basis, hence, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Partas, too, has a waybill service for paw-it items, etc. Its website says Partas derived its name from the word Satrap, an ancient Persian term for governor. Incidentally, its owner is Hon. Luis “Chavit” Singson, the long-time governor of Ilocos Sur. Its website further says that Partas fleet has more or less 300 bus units and expanding with additional 100 to serve Nueva Ecija and Pampanga possibly Gen. Santos City, turf of pambansang kamao Manny Pacquiao, a bosom friend of Manong Chavit. My round-trip experience of riding Partas bus today was truly memorable as its drivers and conductors were courteous and friendly………. Farinas bus company, likewise, has an excellent service as proven throughout many years. Owned and run by the well-known Farinas political clan in Ilocos Norte, Farinas Trans lords over other Manila-bound bus companies based in Laoag. Trailing behind it are Maria de Leon bus, Florida bus, RCJ Lines and RCJ Trans.#

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